Monday, May 11, 2009

Fly jewels. Wally shoes. blow stacks. relax, kid.

'member that time I told you I enjoy both the hip-hop music and fair and humane working conditions?

The Clark brothers were Quakers! This meant that they invested in the community, looked after their workers, and built them homes. My music-nerd brain needs constant information like this in order to keep running. You gotta feed the beast.
As we can all see from this post, my ridiculous Wu-ness is not subsiding despite the years. It's not a problem, really; I can quit anytime I want. I don't need it in order to get through the day or anything, it just helps when I'm sad. Or happy. Or with other people, or alone. Or before work or after work. But still...not a problem or a sick dependency, honest. Also, I'm not defensive--you're defensive.

Everybody just relax; I know it looks nothing like him. But the Ghostdini robe, the medallion the size of a dinner plate, the little Wallys. C'mon.

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