Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hating with flair & enthusiasm: Dude Who Is Bored With Amazing Hip-Hop Duo edition

Reggie + Clifford = win for all involved, except for when there's hating in the general vicinity.

Superhater for May '09 award goes to you, Dude Sitting In Chair in video below, reading periodical of some sort, absorbed in periodical, while Reg and Cliff are live and in person and being hilarious and amazing about 10 feet from you. I believe it was the late, great Christopher Wallace who encouraged me to "spread love/it's the Brooklyn way," but umm, he gave me special permission to openly share that I hate you, sir.

Additional comedy from Brick Citaay below.
PS, for what purpose does the Iron Lung need a wine corkscrew? (and no, it's not for wine) Somebody inform me, post haste.

I would also like to submit that if you create a series called Jumpoff TV but you do not alert me to this situation and then have me make some sort of appearance as the official, contractually bound jumpoff, that is not appropriate and I'll thank you to act right in the future. That's like making something called Terrible, Wack Person TV and not inviting Ash.

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