Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Criminals Have to Eat Food

What I need is some nice, wholesome Wu distraction while I try not to think about

1) Chauncey Billups making my life harder than it needs to be, and

2) depressing, unsurprising political foolishness like
Prop. 8 most likely being upheld as of today in the Supreme Court (the Cali one) and mean old rich white men acting like haters during future confirmation hearings in an attempt to bring down President Dreamboat's smart pick for the Supreme Court (the national one).

Thanks, Rae!


on stubbornly not listening to your woman's advice, even though she is super smart and probably just trying to be helpful:

"Busta played a huge role in the making of [OB4CL2]. He’s a very good friend. Busta is a five-star general. You don’t have too many artists who are 20 years in the game and still spit like they been out for two years. But he was a huge motivator when I was making this album. Sometimes you have to listen to those that are close to you to get the truth. Sometimes you can deal with advice better from your friend faster than you can from your woman. Your girl will be like, Well, I told you that a long time ago! [laughs]."

the best hip-hop analogy thus far in 2009:

"Well, when you talk about going back to what we did 15 years ago, those were big lyrics we were shooting. I come from the school that maybe might have been that era of the best MCs ever. We came after Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick. Not just talent, but art. Niggas was making murals and shit. Now you may get a regular 5 by 7 and that’s cute [LOL, Corey Woods!]. But we made our art big. And I think that this album reflects that."

"Part of OB4CL’s mythology is its references to ’hood fashion. What’s the one shoe you had to have as a kid growing up?

The Gucci joints. Those shoes were a form of you making it. Those sneakers back then were about $180. You wore them and people knew you had some kind of style. The first thing women look at is what’s on your feet [UMMM negative, if your woman's name is Logan. Dudes wear shoes?]. We were always into clothes and that sneaker meant a lot. That goes for the Clarks as well. We got all our style from the older brothers. They were always fresh."

"Teacher, Teacher" - Doey Rock feat. Rae

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