Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday morning w/Mr. Blonde

I found the 45 of this approximately 1,457 days ago, did an excited jump-up-and-down dance when I extracted it from a bin at Bagatelle, brought it home, and everything's been lovely ever since.

Basslines are sex. This concludes today's lesson.

Reservoir Dogs
is Tarantino's Illmatic. There shall be no debate about this, so please save your emails and private Twitter messages (always private, whyyy? Dudes are ashamed to be seen with me on the Internets in front of their boys or something, I don't know).

'91-'92 Tarantino, come back! Bring 'em out/bring 'em out, and save the cinematic landscape!

PS - Ohandonemorething: MADSENNNN.

"I don't give a good fuck what you know or don't know, I'm going to torture you anyway."

It used to be all about Roth (that Barretta speech in the mirror, c'mon) but then one day I came to my senses. Mr. Blonde gives me hot, coursing, older man psychopath warm-in-special-places feelings.
Make um say...daddy complex?


danps said...

I am not ashamed to be seen with you, Logan. Anything I have to say, I say for all to see.

I thought Houston-Yao=Goodbye, but they were something else today. The announcers said Denver is playing better than LA right now, too. I think the Lakers might play to the level of the opposition, though.

Whatever else Shawn Kemp does with his life I will have a warm spot in my heart for him for the way he put the Cavaliers on his shoulders in an ultimately losing effort against the Pacers in the '98 playoffs. Lebron did that yesterday. It's rare to see a player do that - not just put up good numbers but will his team to victory.

Logan said...

Aw Daniel...other than that time you erroneously stated that Paul's Boutique is overrated, you always come through in the clutch! Thank you! I mean, I still want your team to lose, but still.

L + D 4 eva!