Monday, May 18, 2009

Omar & Cedric try to get me to take my top off with their leftist agenda

Mars Volta call US swine flu treatment 'an act of terrorism'

"(Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriquez-Lopez) denied that the band's adopted home of Mexico is struggling to cope with the outbreak of swine flu. 'It's not the hysteria that the right-wing media are making you think it is. It's less dangerous than a common cold,' he declared. He added: 'This has been a perfect moment for right-wing Republican media to say 'You see! You see these filthy people? You see what they're doing? This is very scary.' It's another act of terrorism, it's another terrorist tactic."

Ohhh, OK...
I see you, boys with guitars and knowledge of global affairs. I see you. Everyone in my uber-leftist familial circle has been taking the same stance about this alleged pandemic; the MV boys are right, after all, and I like them shouting about it to the media. "Oooh, scary brown people in Mexico might give us a case of the sniffles."

Listen Omar, if you want to see me privately, man up and ask me out on a date. It's easy. I think I'm fairly pleasant to be around, and I don't need to go to a fancy place for dinner, plus I'll pay half. I can't commit to anything beyond that, however, as I am already taking my top off and having intimate relations with Jake One instrumentals, that Clifford & Reggie one, that "For the Queen" song (OMG I just listened to it again and felt some throbs like it was the first time! sigh), and Bun B's voice and cadence.

Plus, I don't think it would work out between us for a long-term thing. Our children would have terribly unruly hair, thick and wavy and difficult.

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Sebastian said...

glad to see the mars volta actually making sense. don't get me wrong, I love them to death, but being coherent is always a plus.

oh and hey Logan, should you ever come to Ohio, I wouldn't make you pay half ^_^