Saturday, May 9, 2009

Since you're my "special friend"/come closer for a special treat

Nobody out-Co-Flow-s ME, not even a national newspaper.

Oh LA Times, it would behoove you to get it right/get it right, get it tight. February was the month in which to celebrate the momentous occasion of Funcrusher Plus being all reissued and whatnot. I tried to tell you, and now look at you. Lookin all dumb. So sad.

In happier news, I have traveled to the wonderful land of Hip-Hop Circa 1993 and returned with this special message for all of you:

"Juvenile Techniques"
Ye olde lyrics of fire!

Support stuff that's independent as fuck ('member that, when you opened up the CD?), then have a nice little chuckle at the 3-star review of the album. So comical, those people on the Internets.

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danps said...

Some of your posts are very dense. In the mathematical (not stupid) sense. Compact.