Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things that amuse me, 05/19/09

1. Three Six Mafia, "Smokin' on the Dro" Disney remix fool!

Alice and her friends make a run through Tennekey:

OMG, Caucasians are so hot right now!

"You realize it’s been a strange night when Pau Gasol–not Kobe Bryant–was your leading scorer in a pivotal Game 7, but amazingly the leading scorer in the day’s other Game 7 came from another pigmentally fair power forward–Orlando’s Hedo “The Turk” Turkoglu with 25 points (and 12 assists). Sure, we knew that the white man was good for applause from the bench and the occasional twirl of the towel (ha), but this year the crackers seem to be making some headlines of their own.

Perhaps the most notable contributing Caucasian in these playoffs is no longer with us: Boston’s Brian Scalabrine. The red-headed forward looks like he’s related to the other notable white guy in the Celtics organizaton–the mascot from the logo at center court. Scalabrine saw his playing time nearly double in the playoffs, playing nearly 35 minutes in the Celtics’ win against Orlando in Game Two. Any way you cut it, Whitey seems to be in the NBA to stay. There goes the neighborhood."

Brand timeline portraits, showing which brands you interact with throughout the day!

I can't figure out why this one's so long, cuz mine would basically be Nutella, Trader Joe's, & Technics.


dan said...

Mostly agree on whitey, except for Scalabrine. He's a spot up shooter too slow to spot up! I can't count how many times I saw him catch the ball at a complete standstill and not have time to get a shot off. Eddie House would have already been backpedaling down the court by the time Scalabrine passed the ball.

willZ. said...


Beat LA. ;) You are easily the only Laker fan I could ever tolerate...