Thursday, May 21, 2009

King Most. Jesus monsters (yet again). Hasselbeck still dumb, shrill, ridiculous.

1. King Most is the Comedian of the Day. Sorry, runners-up; get your LOL game tighter next time.

a) LOLz. C'mon, this is rather comical:
Get 'em! It's just such a random thing to post and I love it.
And, by the way, I agree wholeheartedly. He does seem like a nice guy! Good call, King Most!
In other news, this has given me an opportunity to step back and really see how tomboyish my freaking Twitter is. PB Wolf, Mighty Ray, HUF, Jansport J, what the hell??
This just in, for the 137th time: I'm ridiculous.

b) Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael, Michelangelo...
Again, something I can co-sign. ('cept his name is "Nightclubber Lang," which my research tells me is an homage to a certain Rocky villain-? Dudes who have seen Rocky, help me out by confirming or denying, please)

2. These people again, who will just not stop assaulting me with their Christ-y haterism. Again, they have taken it upon themselves to remind us that Jesus only approves of marriages between a human with a penis and a human with a vagina. Jesus is very busy concerning himself with these matters. Thanks, unintentionally hilariously and ironically named "Nat'l Organization for Marriage"!

That one kid is right--God should've made Anna and Eve, not Adam and Eve. Lesbatronic moments make life worth living.

3. I haven't liked Jesse Ventura this much since he took down Jerry "The King" Lawler in that epic match.

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