Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sidney Frank x Rhode Island x Jeezy

Sidney Frank, you are a G and I salute you.

(not Sidney Frank--that's Shane Reil, Brown '09 graduate and Sidney E. Frank scholar)

Mr. Frank, the old rich white man who imported and promoted Jägermeister in the '80s and Grey Goose in the '90s gave
49 students from low-income families full scholarships to Brown University, thereby doing his small part to defy my stereotypes of old rich white men.

Aside from that incident with me and my roommate in the shower during '04 spring break as captured by Joe Francis and his camera crew, this is the greatest thing Jäger and Grey Goose have made possible.

"Frank, who left Brown after one year in the late 1930s because he couldn't afford to stay, gave the school a $100 million endowment in 2004. He stipulated that the fund's income go exclusively to covering all tuition and expenses for the neediest of Brown's admitted applicants. For this year's graduates [the Sidney E. Frank scholars], tuition and expenses came to a four-year total of about $180,000 each. The median annual income of the recipients' families was $18,984.

The school intends to give 30 to 35 Frank scholarships per year. Most recipients are the first in their families to go to college.

'He really wanted kids who were coming from very economically challenged backgrounds to have the chance to make it all the way through,' said [daughter] Cathy Halstead.

"[After leaving Brown, Frank] eventually got into the liquor business, [marketing] Jagermeister and Grey Goose vodka in the United States. He took up Jägermeister in the 1970s, sending attractive young women to bars to persuade patrons to try the drink (HOLLA!) and coming up with the Jägermeister tap machine.

(He later obtained importing rights to Jägermeister and promoted it heavily, advertising it as 'the best drink in the world' (LOLz!), turning a specialty brand into a mainstream success. In 1997, he introduced Grey Goose vodka, made in France, and was so successful in promoting it that he sold the brand to Bacardi for $2 billion in June 2004.)"

Also, you guys, if there's anything I like more than coke raps it's coke-vodka raps.

"I'm on that Grey Goose/Do I know you? NO."

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