Friday, May 15, 2009

Pessoas pensam que eu sou uma menina da Curitiba

Bloodlines go back to Recife--just a quarter of me, but the genes are strong and that's where the mail-order-girl-from-small-village look comes from. It's a good conversation-starter at the club ("You Russian? Persian/Irish? Argentinean?") even though I hate the club, plus when I go to my dentist on Venice Bl the dudes hanging out in front of the little grocery store start talking to me in Portuguese like I'm a Carioca and that's lovely.

I don't huff glue like the favela kids but I'm in my bikini approx. 82% of the time and a lil atabaque and bass goes well with my master's degree. Diplo fetishizes this stuff a bit much for my taste sometimes (ooohh, exotic brown bodies and poverty and sex and guns!), and I don't know why this film didn't come out in '05 when your favorite quiet little blogger was living and eating and inhaling the 12"s of it ("Melô da mulher feia"! 2 Live Crew better than 2 Live Crew did it), but I won't get too into being preachy cuz that's annoying and I realize this. Plus I like the use of The Who down below. Well played, Wes Pentz. I see you.


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