Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sermon rocks beats that's mega trifle

I do realize that I am more excited about this stuff than any other human is, but just play along in my game of music nerdery real quick for me.

"Erick Sermon has stated he was supposed to provide a beat on Nas' Illmatic but it ended up not making the cut.

'I worked with Nas in 1991 when he was working on (the album). My song didn't make it. But I have a song that could have been on the "Lost Songs of Illmatic." '"

wait for it.

"Setting up history, Sermon added, 'When he left my house, he went to Pete Rock's house.'

Sermon's track has yet to surface, including on 2004's 10th anniversary re-release of the album."

Comedy. Pure, unadulterated. Mitch Hedberg has nothing on you, Mr. Sermon. It is my understanding that the kids today use the term "FAIL" in these kinds of situations, yes?

"Yeah man, the track is good, you're in, Erick...lemme just go to PETE FUCKING ROCK'S for a minute and handle some stuff." (what Nas said, in the reenactment in my head)


aaaaand scene.

In other news, you know an album is classically epic when dudes are even bragging about not making the cut. OH ERICK.

PS - Part deux! "I'm just happy that he reached out. Watch out. The beats are coming crazy."

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danps said...

"aaaaand scene." Hilarious, Logan. Well played.