Sunday, May 17, 2009

DJ Quik & Kurupt - "9 Times Outta 10"



Oh Kurupt, the way you swooped in and opened "Girls All Pause" with your jaunty little flow so many years ago has won you my affections, plus a permanent place in my music-nerd heart.

9 times outta 10, it works...every time. (Also, 60% of the time)

In other news, it appears that Quik traveled through Virginia on his last vacation.
No judgment here, my friend; you've been around for-EV-er and done some excellent sonic work so you get a pass if you want to do a little style-biting and incorporate some spare, icy Neptunes-ness into your repertoire. And PS, that break right around the 43-second mark is killing/murdering/destroying me. Thank youuuuu, Quikster.

Oh wait, one more thing! When they pull that whole simultaneous rapping move around 01:25, it is good and I like it. Attention MCs, you need to be doing more of this on your tracks please. Love, Logan.

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