Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Word?

That Black Lips song got me thinking about it.

Today's word: HENDIATRIS! OMG you guys love it, right? Stalk me.

"When three words, parted by a comma, are used to express one idea, then it’s a hendiatris. It is unlike hendiadys, where two words are used to express an idea (sound and fury, nice and loud). This figure of speech uses words that give off a certain common characteristic. For example: wine, women and song. These three point towards a certain lifestyle and also towards the character of the person who leads it.

The word hendiatris comes from Greek meaning 'one through three.' "


Veni, vidi, vici.
Wine, women & song.

Sex, drugs, and rock & roll.
Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness.
Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.
Eat, drink, & be merry.

Additionally, since I know you guys only like me cuz of my well-known 1-2 punch of lovely rack and music nerdery:

Me, myself & I.
Rum, sodomy & the lash.
Beats, rhymes, & life.
Earth, Wind & Fire.
Stunts, blunts & hiphop.

Like Colombian fishscale, ask my man Ishmael.


danps said...

Kobe, entitlement and punk ass behavior.

Bring it, baby.

rafi said...

MF Doom also knows that three is the magic number:

It's funny how significance make a difference
Notice parables of three in every other inference
For instance: "Who wanna battle? On the real?
Choose your weapon: microphone, beats, or the wheels-of-steel"
I own a crown in all three for getting down without a doubt
I'd like to give a extra special out

To Jet Jaguar, the sun, moon and star

The Monster Island Czars – y'all know who you are.

Logan said...

Artest's throat ran into Kobe's elbow, Daniel.

Logan said...

Rafs, stop tryna get me to take my pants off with that little maneuver. It's inappropriate, married guy. That said, please keep doing it. You know I heart Zev Love X. K, thanks.