Monday, August 17, 2009

Posdnous, 08/17/69

Out of the heavens August one-seven, sixty-nine
Born I, wonder why with the thoughts to rhyme
Til there was no longer thoughts to dream
When an unpolished demo led to limos at the age of eighteen
Accompanied by the screams, Plug One
Shot up with fame like Novocaine, it made me numb
So numb I wouldn't been able to feel
N---as diggin in my pockets for my currency reels

"Wonce Again Long Island"

Glory glory hallelu! He likes Twizzlers, and he likes the Alligator Bob, and his favorite movie is um, Bloodsucking Freaks, just like you know who. It's Plug One's birthday, gang!

I forgot to give him a nod in my "OMG, I Just Realized That All MCs Who Wear Glasses Are Dope" post from July '09 because I'm super duper wack, but I am still filled to the brim with love for this man's lyrical stylings and I don't need to prove myself to you. His name is so silly (sop + sound, backwards. Um, I guess), I'm sorry, but that wit of his is so fresh. Every once in a while over the years, you might have noticed, MCs cover topics like the perils of rap fame and the desire to hold onto your identity even though sometimes you don't even know what that really means. Pos is still the best at this, I have decided.
On your web log, you can make the decisions.

Hip hop different-ness in '89 was realer and riskier, I like to think.
(It's probably true, but who can say for sure). Anyway, album situations unleashed that year were things like Follow the Leader, Walking with a Panther, Ghetto Music, Road to the Riches, It's a Big Daddy Thing, The Cactus Album, Unfinished Business...annnnd 3 Feet High and Rising. (Umm, side note, 1989 was not a terrible year for rap-dom) So once again, the word of the day in apt. 302 is context when we think about hip hop history. It's fun thinking about things being new and sort of changing the game, yes? It's fun to appreciate. In closing, happy birthday, Pos.

2 beauties from Pos' work history, selected by me, based on the very important fact that they make me happy:

"Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)"*.
Dear AT&T, you continue to incur my wrath by refusing to offer this as a ringtone. Stop acting bitchy.


The "Judgment Night" soundtrack...'member?
Ugh, it's so cringe-y and SO '90s to put stylistically differing musical forces together just to be cute ("Biohazard and Onyx together, YES. FINALLY.")

However, sometimes it came out nice. Like this.

De La & Teenage Fanclub - "Fallin"



PS, thanks for putting him on in '08, Jake One! I always love a good Pony Boy reference.


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