Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Breaking Atoms" is old enough to have sex with.


At the center of this creative tornado is The Large Professor, an 18-year-old rap wunderkind born in Harlem, raised in Queens...As a debut album, Breaking Atoms is a bright beacon of hope that New York artists can continue to advance rap to new heights of musical and lyrical depth. They approach rap as an art form, not a money game.

- The Source review (4.5 mics), May '91

Breaking Atoms was released in late July '91, making it 18 years old. If you can think of a new and fresh way to say this album was so next-levels that it changed my life and not just 'cause of baby Nasty Nas informing us that he was trapped in a cage and let out by the Main Source, please email me 'cause you're my new writing partner. I'm pretty sure it's already been said by anybody who's ever wanted to say it, but I welcome your ideas. I will submit, however, that I see big things in the future for this Large Professor fellow. He's goin places.

In case you're not a superdork who already listens to this album between 3 and 5 times per month, I want to encourage you to break it out today, have a nice auditory fornication session with it, use protection, clean up afterward, do some snuggling, and then write an essay or do an interpretive dance about the SP-12 as an earth-shattering tool of evolutionary greatness and a vehicle that has improved the lives of vast quantities of humans.
(PS, look at this! Stun. ning.)

And out of all the songs on the album, I had to post this, mostly 'cause I like hearing Largo Pro say, "that's not kosher" while sporting a super-steezy glasses and moustache combo.
boom boom boom.


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Anonymous said...

One of the greatest albums ever created. Listen to a joint like "Peace is not a word to play", it's totally forgoten by most people, but it's still so freakin' good. Im will do naughy stuff with that tune any time, any place!