Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chuck D, 08/01/60.

It's Jerry's birthday, too.

And real quick, in all humbleness -

Cause I love you girls though you ain't mine
I wish my arms was long enough to hug you all at the same time.

- Islamic for "hidden"


"Ayo Chuck" - Flav, on 92% of PE songs

You're in the Terrordome, like my man Chuck D said!

Who else could make a simple syllable like "YES" sound so heavy with meaning? It's the date of birth of the rock hard trooper; not ballin, just callin, past the days of yes y'allin, the D is for Dangerous, he refuses to lose, he helped Chris count down the Ten Crack Commandments, oh and he loves The Smiths.

Like every other nerdy LA girl with highlights and heels on, I quickly grew tired of the ironic, hypebeast rap sounds that the kids today are fond of. I like my MCs to wear pants less tight than my own, and I like 'em to be a little out of touch with their feelings like dudes are s'posed to be, and I also like 'em to have a lot of enthusiastic hatred toward things like the CIA and FBI and a lot less love for Crooks and Castles. What I'm looking for from my rappers these days, basically, is more concern about the atom bomb, less concern about Adam Bomb.
(sorry, Bobby and Ben. Still friends?)

Chuck is still CNN's go-to guy whenever something happens In The Black Community, and he always sounds like he's yelling but that's 'cause he's Got so much trouble/On his mind, B! I appreciate him even more these days since I doubt that there could be a PE in '09--their approach is far too earnest, with too much focus on getting dudes to put their spliffs down and go vote instead--but he shined a hopeful light during the dark Reagan days so I'll just focus on my gratitude for that.
Also, he was nice enough to lend out Shocklee to Ice Cube for production assistance in '90. Thanks, Chuck!

So many jammies to choose from in their catalogue, I didn't know which to pick...
I always liked this one, plus it's not on an album I'm always going on and on about (Nation of Millions, Black Planet).

One love who said it, I know Whodini sang it
But the hater taught hate, that's why we gangbang it.



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headpiece747 said...

Chuck can't be forgot for what he did back in the day it made us all look over our shoulders.