Sunday, August 30, 2009

I gotta get away from this day-to-day runnin around.

Depressed people are more intelligent, says my beloved scientific community.
[Scientific American]

See, that's why Ash Roth

looks like that.

People in a depressed mood spend all that time ruminating about problems, and it makes them more analytical. They dwell on a complex problem, breaking it down into smaller components, considering each one at a time. Those Cymbalta commercials are always asking if you've lost interest in formerly pleasurable activities since that's one of the clearest parts of diagnostic criteria for Depression. If you no longer find pleasure in, oh I don't know, music, for example (kill me), or sex or food (kill me and kill me), it could be because your brain needs to conserve all that depressed energy to work on analyzing and figuring out why it's depressed. It needs consistent and uninterrupted thinking time, which would also explain why people experiencing depression are often socially isolated. Everything fun in life just serves as a distraction when the brain is trying to analyze the problem.

Once again, my parents' record collection holds the answer to all questions of the universe and science and the ways of human interaction. If you grew up with Neil Young on the turntable platter in the living room, crying out that he wishes he could be back home and he's feeling disoriented and sad, you already know the smartest are the most depressed. But thanks anyway, Scientific American.

When I refer to my "grizzled Canadian fake-uncle who writes and sings songs," I am NOT referring to Bryan Adams, you guys. Pay attention.

Neil Young - "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere."
The sweet sounds of a weary Canadian in the throes of existential/geographical crisis. Work it out, Neil. Work it out.


Also, the name CRAZY HORSE for your band would have been so FRESH;
it's a shame it's already been taken.

. . .


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