Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy birthday, epic musical humans: Phil Lynott, 08/20/49. KRS-One, 08/20/65.


I know you wanna step to me, kid! It's yet another post celebrating the birth of dudes who have a special place in my heart and in my record collection (that's the same place).

Thin Lizzy were so dope, and BDP were so dope. Right??

I was an English major but really, that's all I can come up with on HeightFiveSeven today about these men.
(Also, look at baby Eric B. with baby KRS up there! Adorable.)

This is not going to be my most well-written post, I'm telling you that right now, but since I have the floor, I will simply say:

"The Boys Are Back in Town" ranks really high up there in the category of Raise-Your-Tecate-Triumphantly-Bro songs. It's a joke to some of us now, a corny county fair jam, but whenever it comes on the car radio it's 1976 all over - Sugar Ray Leonard won the gold medal in the Olympics, The Band broke up and made my dad cry, Legalize It came out. And the combination of roughness in its lyrics (dudes brawling) with the sweet harmony of Phil and his bandmates was all over pop radio.
I'M SO '70s, people, and for that I will NOT apologize.

Mountain Goats - "The Boys Are Back in Town"


KRS has no self-esteem problems, teaches/philosophizes/blastmasts, and is really good at saying couplets into a microphone in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Both of those things! At the same time! Here's your dude talkin about how he's a Leo while some riffraff ruin a perfectly good wall with their painting. I didn't know which song to post in honor of his date of birth, so I randomly went with 1 of the 14,000 bangers he's created over the years. Probably because of the drums. I'm so predictable. Also, I'm SO '90s and for that I will NOT apologize.


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