Monday, August 3, 2009

James Hetfield, 08/03/63. Max Yasgur's farm. Sean Combs. Po & Monch.

1. If you're gonna be a complain-y white man, at least do it right, get yer approach straight, and be all angry about it instead of whiny.

Thank you for demonstrating the proper technique, James Hetfield! Happy birthday!

DRUMS at 02:13, yes please.
Burton composed this, and it's his bass at the beginning--not a guitar! Heavens to Mergatroid!

ON (on, on, on...)

Because I am my parents' child, I had to post this or I would've gotten disowned:

Previously unseen Woodstock photos!
This summer sees the 40th anniversary of the festival once billed as 'three days of peace and music'. In celebration, previously unseen images will be published as part of Woodstock Experience, a partnership between Genesis Publications and the Idea Generation gallery.
(The Guardian)

If you can sing like Richie Havens, please stop by apt. 302 sometime soon, very soon, so that I can, um, show you something.
You don't need to call first.

When Sean Combs says
Thought I told you that we won't stop!, he's right, 'cause he's been successfully making my life less wonderful for soooo long now (most recently by slangin Red Stripe).

I think maybe his old age has stopped him from wanting to play this game with me so much, though--he is filling me with less rage after I witnessed this show last night just before bed:

Have any of you people seen
Making His Band, on this "Music TeleVision" channel?
I am confusing myself with this post, because I am: a) giving Biggie's producer/groupie/umbrella-holder some genuine accolades, and b) unironically posting a link to an MTV program. WHAT'S BECOME OF ME.

Sean is trying to put his 84th band together, holds auditions all over for young musicians, puts a bunch of 'em in a house to fight and cry and carry on in between recording sessions, and then makes comments to the camera (these youngins are not reaching their full potential, blah blah) while chewing on a toothpick. The show could use a little more Dy-lannn, but these kids are way more talented than us and are sangin and playin "American Boy" and Keyshia Cole and doing it so nicely. Plus they have a superdope violinist, and 2 or 3 girl drummers that might make the cut and everyone KNOWS I LOVE a girl drummer. Brockett on keys (above) has the World's Dumbest Name for a Human, but makes me hold my breath when he plays. And the way it all comes together during the final auditions in the first episode, when they're instructed on stage by the musical directors in their version of that DeBarge song* ("bass and drums only, here we go"; "bring in the chords...2, 3...all this love") and the kids obediently follow like they're 45-year-olds instead of 19-year-olds? I can't handle it, it's so nice-sounding, my jealousy of their talent is overshadowed by my teary-eyed, music dork pleasure in watching it on my TV screen, etc, etc. And did I mention that judges include Om'Mas from Sa-Ra and Nisan Stewart--he's a drummer and he looks like GZA.

microphone cords tangled from being star spangled.

Use your imagination:
This is where the video clip WOULD HAVE GONE if MTV/Viacom weren't so bitchy and ripped the video embed feature away, out of my heart and off of HeightFiveSeven.

(But here's the link to it.)

["Cause I really love you bay-beh"
Are you certain?
"Oh I really love you darlin"
Sing like you certain.

LOL, vocal director Romeo Johnson!

The show is on Monday nights. You had best hurry up and catch it before Ness and Fred start scrappin again and Diddy shuts down the studio.


4. Nobody likes a Logan-less Organized Konfusion reunion. GODDAMMIT.




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