Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oddisee is my genius of love.

I am currently going steady with J-Zone, Jay Smooth, Rafi, the bassline from "The Lovecats," President Dreamboat, all the Ego Trip boys, Del's flow/voice, Adrock in '87, and the whole A side of Astral Weeks. I'm like the neighborhood bicycle, I know.

Anyway, the newest member of my harem is Oddisee, whom I've loved for some time now but I'm finally ready to take it to the next level. Dude means business! (Tee hee. Pun!)

I missed "Song for That" when it first came out; it's from waaay back in '08 and it is a brilliant and pretty combination of a flow with style and grace, and production by M-Phazes with style and grace. I’d be lyin if I said that there’s another like myself/I’d be lyin if I said that I ain’t want it for the wealth/While tryin to stay supplyin ‘em with something that could help.
He's so dreamy with that DC way about him that he's got me singing Tom Tom Club to myself. It's real love this time; I just know it.

Oddisee - "Song for That"






With my boyfriend, my laughing boyfriennnd.

Let's go out for ice cream, Oddisee. We can bond over mutual blog trials and tribs.


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danps said...

This part of Cypress Avenue:

And wait a minute, yonder comes my lady
Rainbow ribbons in her hair
Yonder comes my lady
Rainbow ribbons in her hair

Is divine.