Monday, August 24, 2009

Now let your lovin flow/Real sweet and slow.

Wuhhhhh-mannnn, take me in your arms...
George McCrae's "Rock Your Baby" was a hit in the summer of '74 on Billboard's pop, R&B, and disco charts.
It's still a hit in the summer of '09 in apt. 302. Put this on the hi-fi and I'm all hips and kneesocks (I mean, more so than usual), loungin on the couch with my hair hangin off the armrest, eating an apple and being lazy even though it's beautiful outside. TK Records, thanks for making it happen.

(There are better versions of this, auditorily speaking, and "I Get Lifted" is actually my real boyfriend when it comes to basslines, but I enjoy the fact that this video exists and that in it you can see that George is apparently 8 feet tall. Also, remember Ghost on "Murda Goons"?

“I've lived the life of Sonny Carson/Favorite slacks was the baby blue knitted sharkskins.” )


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Kathleen said...

not bad. thanks for the video! =)