Saturday, August 15, 2009

Arithmetic, reading and writing/Not too exciting.


Our favorite song about salad dressing from 1991, remember?
(We're old, but who cares)

Here we have a rap song that's filled with descriptions from the rappers about how skilled they are at rapping, but you're just being silly if you try to make this song about anything more than the joy of playing around, of being giddy and bouncy from nothing but the sound of words on top of words on top of a beat on top of a Solomon Burke break*.

And GODDAMMIT if I don't LUH that
interlude just before the 2-minute mark - the jovial soundtrack to me riding on a carousel and eating cotton candy at the circus, all cute and childish-sounding but with enough bass-rumblin to keep it sexy and remind you I'm all grown and legal and not a little girl ANY. MORE.

And hey,

what's that thing called when they throw something at you that's too wide, too high, too outside your usual range for you to handle or control the way you normally would, and therefore allows some moving forward, some shifting, some advancing?


A Wild Pitch.

*Solomon Burke - "Get Out My Life, Woman" (not the Toussaint/Lee Dorsey one),


the song you're gonna belt out in dedication to me one night at dinner, when you've finally had enough of my nerdery and bathing-suit addiction.



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A Wild Pitch."