Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 Greats: "Numbers"

Bambaataa collaborators. OBVIOUSLY.

I. Here we go! This here's the very best bass-glitch-robot sexytimes music in all the land, and it's from the futuristic year of nineteen-hundred-and-eighty-one and is laced with some Speak & Spell hot fire. Album reissues are for people who didn't get 'em the first time, but I can endorse this anyway. And because Miami is so tie-yuuuurd, and LA is too, and Boston and NYC and Austin and Atlanta:

I'm in Düsseldorf, bitch!
(sorry, Mom).

Kraftwerk - "Numbers"


II. Queens borough presidents bring you one of the great sing-song-y hiphop choruses of all time, from the futuristic year called nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-seven.

"Hey! 'Member that time Organized Konfusion were on TV? They had backup dancers and Monch was wearing a backpack? Like, literally, a backpack? It was on BET, I'm pretty sure."

What the HAAALE.

"On the SP-1200 and 1212 you feel it
Mission to create, matrimony and reveal it
It's love in the form of life, as you know it
You skatin with the eight and I'ma damn sure show it


It's a damn shame that not nearly enough daughters of America are raised appropriately, spoiled with love and kindness and leftist politics and Dead shows and Sesame Street. When you raise your kid on music and it starts with this when she's a toddler, she'll turn out SO FRESH, just watch. Also, get her a Speak & Spell and she'll grow up to become both an etymology nerd and a kraut-glitch-rock aficionado. My Dr. Spock game is the tightest.


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