Friday, August 21, 2009

Thing that kills it even though it took me a minute to realize, #4,216

At first I had a look of joy on my face when I saw that they made a doc about Jam Master Jay. Oh goody, a celebration of a man's life and art!

Then I pressed play and I saw that the doc is all about the end of his life ("Six friends in a recording studio; only five walk out") and the relationship of a firearm to his death. GROAN/eye-roll; a legendary rap human's murder as an episode of CSI. What's this? People in hiphop have gotten gunned down? Somebody should really examine this phenomenon, perhaps in front of a TV camera. Otherwise it's just not that compelling. I decided it was so tired and I had a frown on my face.

And then I watched the whole trailer and I decided I need to see it in a very bad way. And NO, it's not just because of the the freshness that is Bill Adler and Glen E. Friedman and Big D, although how fresh are those 3, right? (Those interviews, by the way, were clearly inserted for my benefit to try to make up for the lack of Queens-bred voices in this--other than Onyx and 50 and anyone Run-DMC related--and the inclusion of such rap non-luminaries as that squinty Ja Rule and OG Dude Who Will Not Be Seeing Me Naked, Kid Rock.)

You should take me to see this tonight, if only to find out how I will strategically insert the line "the turntables might wobble, after all,
but they won't fall down" in our evening conversation.


"You know, the guys in the group - Joe, Darryl, and Jay - write ALL their own rhymes!"

LOL, LeVar. I like your enthusiasm. It's obvious I saw this clip when I was little because I have been trying to achieve hip-hop dreams (i.e., thinking about, researching, listening to, and blogging about hip-hop) ever since.


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