Monday, August 17, 2009

They used to do it out in the park.


Michael Viner, epic human being responsible for the Incredible Bongo Band and therefore "Apache," died August 8. If you have no point of reference for this song, you mistakenly ended up at HeightFiveSeven when you typed "bikini" and "lesbatronic moment" into the search box. Since you're here, though - won't you check out my word etymology posts?
I know, I didn't think language nerdery could be sexy at first either!

If you do have a point of reference for this song, please please refrain from making Cazal and/or b-boy stance jokey comments. This is only funny if it's before 1985 and/or you are Tracy Morgan.

Bongo Rock (to the skinny girl's right), apt. 302, 2008.

"Apache." I keep telling you people I was supposed to be alive in 1973, but it's like you just don't hear me. I have '73 hips, I really do. Press play.


You guys,

Things I Don't Do include:

get it twisted,
sweat the technique,
cross picket lines,
give my money to Wal-Mart,
and listen to post-2001 Nas.

God's Son
was pretty good, though, plus I needed to pick 1 of the 84,000 times in which an MC has rhymed over "Apache" throughout history.
(history since '73, I mean)


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Ominous Red said...

Nas is mad at yuu and will not read your blog. Way to go!