Friday, August 7, 2009

On the contrary, Mike Jackson: Oh YES.

A post in which I try to tear myself away from my headphones, full of

Brother Ali's "Us" (posted because I dislike the sulk-rap constantly greenlit by Rhymesayers but Ali has this ability to stylishly invalidate others when he says words into a microphone)



The Big Pink's "Dominos" (posted because I'm easy when it comes to headphone delights. I don't like the biting of MGMT--that whole drum loop is boosted!, I don't like the biting of Robertson/Helm/Danko/Hudson/Manuel, and I already heard this band called the Stone Roses and that was last decade, oh and I already heard this singer called Richard Ashcroft in a different band and that too was last decade. But I also like big booming shiny songs with rubbery basslines [01:53] that make me feel sparkly and/or like I'm playing lasertag.)


while trying not to sound like a groupie for Oh No.

I'm goin in.


The news about this album is a couple days old, but shoot, can't stop won't stop--it's all Ethiopian samples (!), flipped and bounced, which is just further proof that Oh No and I are meant to be. I'm already practicing my signature, like Logan No.
Mrs. Logan No.
Dr. and Mrs. No.

Dr. No's Ethiopium snippets mix.


But first, let me remind you to stick with me, kid, 'cause your crossword game is looking a little ragged these days.

Otis' brother. Superfox. Hometown hero.

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and this is always in the LA Times crossword.
I know this one important thing about Ethiopia, other than that all the Selassie I basics that any kid of filthy hippies would know. And now that this Ethiopium music situation is perhaps coming sometime soon but we're not sure exactly when? (real cute, Stones Throw), Oh No and I will have so much to discuss about this mighty African nation that we might be able to keep each other from talking about Galt MacDermot for 6 or 7 minutes at dinner tomorrow night.

So guess what, I just shut up about Dr. No's Oxperiment like a week ago even though it came out in '07. So obnoxious, but please realize: my native village in Cali is 5 minutes from his native village in Cali, The Ox--South Ox, South South Ox--so maybe I had a right to be a little excited. And yes, Me and Mos are lovely, thanks for asking. Things are still strong between us, but before rocking with the Def on "Supermagic" I was going steady with the pure, untouched instro in '07, 'cause sorry Dante, it's better.
(That little shuffle-y drum part before it re-loops itself like 40 seconds in? OH it's murder. In a good way.)

The album seems like quite the project and I'm damn appreciative. Thanks to the Jackson family, the city of Oxnard, Chris Manak, audio encoding formats that allow music to be lovingly...borrowed? by me and all the other children of the Internets, my headphones, and you, dear, for getting me a vinyl copy of the record when it comes out. Also, postdated shouts ('07 again) to Mike for crafting this song about my sweet lovin:

and for producing this:

Guilty Simpson - "Killer."



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