Saturday, August 29, 2009

I know. I can't. afforrrrrd to stop.

Sometimes I just can't take it. Damn you, Dante.
And by Damn you, I mean Thanks and Call me.

It's the summer of '99 in apt. 302 today.


Aretha Franklin - "One Step Ahead."
It's 800 degrees in the city of Los Angeles today and this feels so good to lounge around and listen to.


honorable mentions in the category of "Girl English majors are suckers for excellent rhyme-sayers":

Man I smashed it like an Idaho potato (sorry, Mom)
She call my at my J-O, ‘come now,’ I can't say no
Ginseng tree trunks, rockin the P-funk
Cocking her knees up, champion lover not ease up


that whole 3 months/6 months/9 months part.


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