Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parliament on humanity, motivation, precipitation.


People keep waitin on a change.
They ain't got sense enough to come in out of the rain.

If I were who I am now (age, height, weight, personality, brain, WHR)
but it were '76,
I would probably, most likely, let's not kid ourselves,
be George Clinton's backstage pale-skinned jumpoff and coke princess (sorry, Mom),


It's 'cause I'm a classy, nerdy, basslines-and-political-lyrics groupie.
I can buy my own coke and I don't care about fame. OH GEORGE, our relationship would be about so much more than fornication.

(I missed Bigfoot Brailey's birthday - 08/20/50! Aw damn.)

(PS - O'Shea in '91, remember?)


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danps said...

Consider taking a flyer on James Davis for your fantasy football team. This is your second notice.