Saturday, August 22, 2009

I hope you're all free to Wu-Tang today


'cause I'm serving cake and ice cream in apt. 302 in celebration of Gary Grice's birthday! The dreamiest Wu god of them all, I luhhh him 'cause on wax/DAT/mp3 he paints better visual pictures than Francis Bacon. Remember how he had like 2 lines on "Triumph"? Whatthehellwasthat? I can forgive, RZA, but I can't forget.

On a man-made lake there's a sheet of thin ice/Where unskilled skaters couldn't figure 8 twice. Aw damn, GZA is the best. We're gonna listen to his verse in "Clan in da Front" and and I will marvel at every line. Then we'll listen to "Labels" and "BIBLE" and I will just be so obnoxious with enthusiasm, you guys; I'll go on and on about the intelligence of this man and his way with words, and after like 2 Red Stripes I'll be giggly and tipsy and I'll decide it's reallll hilarious for me to say that GZA's so goddamn smart, he's so knowledgeable, he is, in fact, a GENIUS. And then I'll probably say, Oh hey, do you know what's both sharp as hell and smooth like water at the same time?? GZA's verses, of course, but also swords made of liquid! Then we'll all get vaccinated 'cause his logo's on our skin, and think about how Gary slayed MCs back in the rec room era and how you never thought to use the term "rec room era" but when you heard it you were like, Jesus, that's perfect.

Bernhard Goetz what he deserves.
Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers.
Low-key like seashells.
Catch a swollen heart from not rollin smart.
Kick somethin live/Stop chirping like Nextel.
Like Fred Sanford, in the business for the junk of it.

You people think Rae's my favorite, which he is, but only on Mondays and Thursdays. And you think that Ghost is my favorite because of
The Doll,

but, you see, this is simply because they have not yet made a GZA doll.

(PS - get me a GZA doll and I will immediately become your personal loveslave, chef, supernerd, cheerleader, nurse, librarian, secretary,
and music buyer. You kinda need me, admit it.)

not his greatest verse, but um, hello: "The king's the kick, the queen's the snare/The bass are minor pieces that move in a pair"? SWOON.


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headpiece747 said...

Gza/Genius is dope and the man picked the right name for his style. On another note did you really pay $500 for that Ghostface doll?