Monday, August 10, 2009

Ronnie Spector, 08/10/43.

(Sorry he's hovering over you even in this blog post, Ronnie;
This pic was just too wonderful not to include.)

This song drove Brian Wilson completely fucking bonkers and it would have been nothing without Ronnie's voice. I normally freak the hell out over Hal Blaine's drums (00:36 - 00:40) and the key change 24 seconds in, but her baby-ish, strained cry just says it* so perfectly if you are a girly girl such as myself.

It's from August 1963 because of course it had to be released in the summertime. Of course.
Enough typing; we're wasting time. Let's step inside the echo chamber and listen to some desire dipped in sweet honey. Play.

The Ronettes - "Be My Baby"


Is this a blues song? It is, 'cause I say it is. And you know I will adore it/Til eternity.

* "it" cannot be put into words. Sorry.


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Anonymous said...

Density. Posts like these inform me that you are mine.