Monday, September 7, 2009

"Work is a four-letter word." - Todd English

(OH WAIT, it was Morrissey who said that! Oopsy.)

I believe that most of us work pretty hard, people. I believe that. Some people get money for nothing and chicks for free (if this is you, you're corny), and some people are allowed to be hopelessly inept yet comical hospital orderlies, but most of us have to work a steady something or other (9A - 5P; there was a whole movie about ladies who do this, and Dolly Parton was the hero). HeightFive appreciates the working man - there's honor in discipline and sweat and grind. Just be careful about those security cams and boxes so you don't get fired; you tryin to build a clubhouse?

As for me, I fucking work IT, all the livelong day. This means that I knock people out with my wit and foxiness and get all my needs met while prancing around the city in tight jeans. OH WAIT. I forgot momentarily. Me working it actually = lounging in my apartment, record shopping and paying full price, and sometimes going to the bookstore and Trader Joe's and thinking of blog ideas while standing in line. Anyway, I've lost my topic again. The point is that today we celebrate those who work it, even though they don't do it as well as I do and never could. Hit it, Aes!

(when you get back from Medieval Times, I mean)



I am a star really! The big bang bastard's back
with a one way ticket to Beat Street
This soil is like relevant to human concept
plot the man ratios man learning, I work past the servants
I work on what I love, I work the service on my burdens
And I work till this here little flat line closes the curtains.

Plus we got John & Paul & George & Ringo sounding a lot like a superhero blind man from Michigan.
"We Can Work It Out"


Big Daddy Kane - "I Get the Job Done"


John Lennon - "Working Class Hero"


I also wanted "Workinonit" and Billy Bragg and Wilco's "I Guess I Planted," with that boisterous union chorus (Hi Rafs!). Alas, this was not possible.


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