Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Call me Biggie."

And we in the spot watchin COPS on TV
Blazin greens, thumpin Big's first CD

Viktor Vaughn, “Back End”
(bass at 1:45, yes please; Diplo produced)

We believe in change and we're prepared for it - with new techniques, and new approaches.
And as for our part, we feel that you're the best pieces of manpower available in this whole region.

hopeful henchmen:
“Thank you, Mr. Smalls.”

Call me Biggie.

Calvin Lockhart in Let's Do It Again from 1975 is Biggie Smalls, AKA a super New Orleans G who gets duped in a bet on a boxing match by the dynamic duo of Cosby & Poitier and tries to get his money back. Although a little pretty for my taste, he's also my most favorite and crush-worthiest man of power next to The Prez, Don Draper, and El P.

Chris Wallace from Brooklyn in 1972 is the mic ripper/girl stripper/Henny sipper, AKA our hero. Ready to Die came out this week in Sept. '94, which allegedly makes it 15 years old...except how can that be when it was just '94 like 3 years ago? Gosh that's weird.

It's only appropriate for me to post the song from the movie that everyone thinks is about laziness in between sexytimes on a sunny weekend morning, but it's really about what I feel every time I pull Ready to Die out to put on the platter: Let's do it again, Big! Like it's '94.

The Staple Singers - "Let's Do It Again,"
"Everything Curtis Mayfield Produces is a Lovely Situation,"
"Logan doesn't even know you but she wants to hold hands with you when this song plays."


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