Monday, September 14, 2009

Thing That We Forget Sometimes, #627

Amerikkka’s Most Wanted was recorded in NY,
but Paul’s Boutique and Check Your Head were recorded in LA, baby loves!

Just think about that today. All day.
Lord knows I will be.

Like Sam the butcher bringin Alice the meat.

Brazilian.” - MCA

Idris Muhammad - "Loran's Dance." I found a perfect copy of this a few Beat Swap Meets back; this is how I am certain that there is a force larger than myself, guiding me through life.


G-Son Studios, me, sunshine (other than me, I mean), Eric Dolphy, Dre's hands and ears, the "Goin Back to Cali" video (Rick Rubin appearance, LL at the observatory, the bass, the "Prancin, grindin, grinnin, romancin" part), Gn'R, the way Mr. Shakur announces "Let me serenade the streets of LA," and transplanted NYC dudes who hate it here with vocal enthusiasm and wit are the most lovable things about this awful, wonderful city.


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