Thursday, September 17, 2009

A southern playwright with the Downer of the Day. Then Stones Throw steps in.


Men don’t want anything they get too easy.
But on the other hand, men lose interest quickly.

- Tennessee Williams,
trying to destroy me with frustration.

MED and J-Rocc were all layin in the cut and then they see me in the throes of frustration thanks to Tennessee explaining the ways of men to me and so they pop out to save the day. That was a close one.

MED and J-Rocc - “The What”


(via AnalogGiant)

It's been a while since I've begged for the instrumental of a hot track, but my pleading style is still as on point as ever. I NEED THIS and must have it or I will probably pass out on the spot, 'cause otherwise what are they gonna play when I star in the remake of Foxy Brown and there's that crucial "getting dressed in jumpsuit, boots, and silver hoop earrings to avenge my sweetheart's murder" scene.
Use your head. Jesus.

Dumile x The New Yorker, SWEET LORD, when my favorite things collide it's all ice cream cones and kittens. Ta-Nehisi Coates, let's run away together and leave all this madness behind. You can read me your articles all day and I'll do various kinds of favors for you as payment.

When I'm doing a DOOM record, I'm arranging it, I'm finding the voices .... All I have to do is listen to it and think, Oh shit, that will be funny. I write down whatever would be funny, and get as many 'whatever would' funnies in a row and find a way to make them all fit. There's a certain science to it. In a relatively small period of time, you want it to be, That's funny, that's funny, that's funny, that's funny. I liken it to comedy standup.

HMM, sounds an awful lot like my process for writing a blog post. That's weird. But I guess when 2 people hang out together all the time and are in hot, throbbing love like Doomsies and myself, they're bound to adopt each other's methods for creating their respective art forms.

In related news, ‘Whatever would’ funnies has just been incorporated into my vocabulary.



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hegs said...

Love the JRocc track, took me back to 1992 and Funkin Pussy by "The Hustlers of Culture"