Monday, September 14, 2009

Zev Love X luhves my accent and we are soul mates (still).

Let me walk you through it.

On my charming lilt, like I'm Lauren Conrad but with hips:


On rap music, stating his thesis which is identical to mine:

Wax Po, Oct/Nov '08.

There's no more after '93 for me either!
Me either. OH DANIEL, you understand me in a way the other dudes never will. Take me now. Do you want my dress on the bedroom floor or the hallway floor?

PS, there appears to be some sort of album situation happening next month for the man with the metal face. My RSS feed is bursting with this. Unexpected Guests tracklist (maybe):

That's really great, Doomy. Everyone loves a new album. Except I done already heard allothese and some of them are old, really old. Nature Sounds/Gold Dust, you're silly and I am not feeling you. You know what kind of guests are truly unexpected? Songs that I have not already heard thanks to Zshare and that I have not already possibly placed onto my hard drive in a cost-free manner. I see no such songs in the list above. I propose that we instead focus on the fact "My Favorite Ladies" is a song about trollops and his greatest muse (me) is his most favorite lady.

Pre-93-music-obsessed lady from Cali. Dumile's favorite.
Also, Pants Boycott '09 still in full effect.

MF Doom - "Money Folder" (Four Tet remix)




Anonymous said...

You my friend, knows all about the art of irony. Textual irony.

danps said...

Tuesday hat trick for Dan: Hollis Brown - Show Love. And that is some bicentennial facial hair, my friends.

P.S. Word verification for this comment is "harylity." I want to start a band with that name.