Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's an eternal flame that burns between me and my Toshiba laptop.

The internets are Frankie Beverly and a-Maze-ing! There's music that people want to give you, totally for free, while record companies just look the other way! Pretty pictures! Political opinions that make you think! Plus naked ladies!

1. The Nation has a “Race in the Obama Era” feature that's pretty great, with pictures and thought-provoking little blurbs. And did I mention The Prez sits, wears sunglasses, and eats Italian ice? He's just like you and me (only dreamier).

President Obama's loving engagement with his daughters is the very embodiment of idealized male parenting. However, it is interesting that Obama's role as good and loving father allows us to ignore the simple fact that the first black president of the United States did not have a present and available black father. Obama can't make all fathers be responsible parents but he can help single mothers give our kids the opportunities he had.

I must go consult Cornel West to see what kind of thoughts I have about this. I'll be back.

Fun with semantics!

The sign is right, you know.

3. “Is It Because I'm Black?” - Syl Johnson, on trying to be/achieve, in America, in 1969.

“It's 'cause he's Black.” - Jimmy Carter, on stupid people hating The Prez, in America, in 2009 (or, has he more eloquently states, “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he's African American”).

Jimmy's right and Jimmy is a super G for saying this. Unfortunately, nobody cares what Jimmy has to say. It's not risky for him; he's got little power these days outside of the Habitat for Humanity boardroom. Even so - you guys, it seems like a great thing about being an old man is that you can say whatever you want to say and people just give you a pass. Unless you're Don Imus, I mean.

OH INTERNETS, you fulfill me and bring me joy. I could never serenade you as well as Roger can:

Zapp & Roger - “Computer Love”



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