Saturday, September 26, 2009

The sperm of Dwayne Carter is an unstoppable force unlike anything we have experienced thus far

Baaaasically just so I could post this picture.
(and the song below)

More Weezay DNA will soon be walking the earth, ensuring that another lucky child make me jealous by having Mannie Fresh as a godfather.
(It's still '97; clearly you did not get the memo).

Looks like Weezy does not believe in the use of condoms. Word on the block is that Weezy has once again poked some random chick raw and got her pregnant. Rumors are that the new baby is not Lauren London's, Nivea's, or Toya's! All I know is that four different baby mama's is not a good look.

Weezy is just out of control! At the same time we also have to blame those ignorant ladies out here who have allowed him to go in raw. Please pass homeboy a box of condoms before it's too late. In the meantime we are just gonna sit back & sip our cough syrup until the new baby mama comes forward. If you see that hoe, please point her out!

“Poked some random chick raw” does not get enough play on HeightFiveSeven.

Also, “Poked some random chick raw”? I'm starting to think you bloggers are a judgmental bunch, talking about folks you don't even know and making critiques and throwing around the term hoe like it's nothing!
Also, that cough syrup part made me cringe from sheer unfunny-ness. Stop it.

Ramsey Lewis (x The White Album) - “Cry Baby Cry”



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Pad said...

Gotta say thanks for posting this amazing track.

It also led me to his great version of Dear Prudence on the same album (all new to me), which excited me as much as anything I've heard all year (a sad fact, except that it is a rousing five minutes of music).

I'm gonna have to check back here regularly now... see what you did? Plus, I'm male and hetero, so I like the feeling I get when I land here – on Higher Ground, then moving down the page to reveal the socks... ooh la la