Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too many suckers and not enough time.

“Take it easy” (my mom's version)

“Take it easy” (Mad Lion version, AKA my version)

It's sad that if you're a musician and you mix hiphop and reggae and you try to get assistance in blowing up and moving units from KRS-One in the mid-'90s, you will be banished to the hiphop netherworld,

until nerds with Internet access come along and unearth you and grab you by your scruff and hold you up for the world to see like Simba in The Lion King.

Welcome back from '94, Mad Lion.

Mad Lion - “Take It Easy”


1. Listening to that voice makes my throat hurt. That gotta take it eas-y hook is the best, both because it sounds melodic and sweet and because it's a good reminder about the best disposition to have as you navigate the world. Relax, dude. You take it too seriously, like it's a gamble. Take it easy.

2. Video, complete with special appearances by a skinny KRS (who produced it) and a less-obese Obese Joe.

3. That hook is about 30 seconds in. But the whole song is lovely.

4. The Stalag riddim was made by superproducer Winston Riley in 1973 and, like me, is a classic, and, like me, is nothing, nothing, without its bassline. It was the instrumental to Ansell Collins' “Stalag 17,” named after the Billy Wilder movie of 1953 about prisoners in WWII (stalag was the term used in Germany for POW camps).

Still LOVE this riddim, always will. Circle of life, baby.

Sister Nancy - “Bam Bam”


Tenor Saw “Ring the Alarm”


Too $hort's Stalag.
Large Pro's.
Mecca's. The Soul Brother's. Both of 'em.


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