Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture bloodbaths and elevator shafts*.

They just announced the winners of the Genius grants from the MacArthur Foundation, said my copy of the LA Times yesterday morning.
Ooohhh, I got all excited and almost spilled my tea all over myself!

But, oh, hey, listen. They're not Genius grants; they're genius grants. You know, for lesser geniuses like these guys, not one of whom had a memorable verse on 36 Chambers:

Some of these are genius-er than others. Like it's nice that somebody wants to develop theories to explain global climate change, but as I understand it, we already know there's climate change and science has tried to explain how it works...but science keeps bumping up against people for whom the explanation to everything is Jesus.

And the dude who wants to study avian development, evolution, and behavior... somebody should tell him that birds are pretty dullsville. Unless you're produced by the Neptunes and it's '02.

But still...I'm putting the hate in a drawer for now and acknowledging the fine work of these individuals. Especially you, Jerry Mitchell - examining unsolved murders from the Civil Rights era, DOPE. Let me assist you, pretty please, and May the Wu-Tang W's Light Shine Upon You for the rest of your days.

David Porter - “I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over”
OOOHHH, mad one! We see your trap! You can never escape your fate!


*related to nothing in this post; I just always liked that opening.

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ronnie said...

damn word verification! but yeah, dig this song and the LP. "storm in the summertime," though...whew!