Sunday, September 13, 2009

By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong.

This one time Russell produced a movie about hip-hop shows. It was called, uh, The Show, and it had footage of your favorite rappers and my favorite rappers in concert (oh but then they sneaked in some Warren G footage for some reason, be careful of this when you watch it). People screamed and carried on at the shows; it looked like fun. There were scenes of Russ visiting The Ruler at Rikers in '85. That looked like fun, too. Not to make light of it. Sorry, Rick.

If they made this film today it would have to star Drake and Slaughterhouse and a bunch of sparkly little guys from Georgia. That's who the people scream and carry on for now. So, in order to save my life from this excessive amount of pain and sorrow, and remind me that in life there's sunshine and fluffy bunnies and excellent hip hop music, I need to be in NYC on 9/25, thanks.
I also need it to be '97, right when or right before or right after The Equinox is released. Thanks.

We are stardust/We are golden.

Plus I need to be at this show in Berkeley since basslines are sex and I'll follow basslines anywhere. I'll need to bring various kinds of pills and a little powder, 3 changes of clothes and underthings, some towels, handcuffs, a turban, probably my passport. And a camera to record it all. It's going to be a long evening filled with ecstasy, twists/turns, and moments of clarity; I'm like one of those muddy kids in '69 on Yasgur's farm except I'm not mad at my parents. I'm pretty sure I'm getting pregnant by 2 AM. Plus I think I might lose my mind slightly and always be a little off for the rest of my days. It's been nice knowing you guys.

'72. This was before I was walking the earth but really, how hard could it be to get me there? I mean, it's not like I'm reaching for the stars here, people.

War - "Slippin' Into Darkness," AKA Poor Righteous Teachers try to seduce me into becoming a Five Percenter by looping a classic from my Caucasoid childhood.



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