Sunday, October 11, 2009

You are foolish to underestimate the musical impact of ladies in their underwear

There are 50 ways to leave your lover,
Joe Pesci plays the little guy with the short fuse in that movie (every movie),

“Easy Lover” is the fucking jam*,

and women looking nice in their undergarments shall always inspire songs by straight men.

James Ingram on the inspiration for and crafting of “P.Y.T.”:
At the time, Quincy Jones was married to Peggy Lipton. And one day, Peggy came home with some lingerie called Pretty Young Things. Quincy got the concept from that, and he sent a lot of writers on the mission. [Rico Washington; Wax Poetics, Oct/Nov '09]

Listen, it's already been established that every song sung by a dude with She or You as the main pronoun is about us ladies in general and me if you're going to get really specific. “PYT” is a perfect, shining example of this and you know it if you've ever seen the way I respond to it in the cluuuub or when it comes on the radio when tooling around LA in the Civic. You see, in the song, MJ explains that I can make it right, hit the city lights. Then tonight, he likes how I ease the lovin' pain and take it to the max. Lots of melody ensues. It makes me want to cry from happiness, it's so pretty and perfect. I even like the Bratty Chicagoan's boost of it, despite my attempts not to. And it all started with a skinny Caucasoid lady! BOW DOWN.

Since this somehow turned into a Peggy Lipton Random Tribute post, I might as well wrap it up with my main arguments:

- Had the long straight blonde hair & thick eyebrows combination! (so dope & foxy).
- Experienced the sexys with Quincy (sorta the Russ Simmons of his day; I maybe could've had a chance?); gave us Rashida and Kidada, 2 gorgeous members of the “Was your father a GI because you are quite exotic-looking” club.
- On The Mod Squad, got to fight crime in her long straight blonde hair/short dresses/knee-high boots, all while kickin it with Prince's dad.

Quincy hearted Peggy in the '70s. Nothing could stop his burning/Desire to be with her. On a totally unrelated note, look at how Prince's dad had way better style before he moved to MPLS! Damn shame.



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