Friday, October 2, 2009

Strummer. Franklin. Magic.

1. Tick tock! Slippin slippin slippin, innnto the fu-turrrre.

Look at this beautiful young man.

Strummer, lapels, pompadour, and gaze. Denis O'Regan photo.

Less beautiful + more old, even though he was only 30 here. Time is a beast, gang.

1983 - Clash singer/guitarist Joe Strummer runs the London Marathon, finishing in four hours, thirty minutes. Said Strummer beforehand, "The biggest temptation will be to run into a pub along the route."

Most Brits who poach reggae/soul/blues classics are the subject of disdain on this here web log. You can get away with this, however, if you're a British musician who is in the band The Clash. WELL PLAYED, JOE.

Cause the battle, is getting hotter/In this iration, it's Armagideon. Willie Williams - “Armagideon Time.” The way he stretches out that yeahhhh after that second it's ar-ma-gid-e-on, do you say, x amount of pleasure?


2. The voice of God, if you must know, is Aretha Franklin's.

- Marianne Faithfull,
whose judgment is clearly so on-point that
I now want her making all my important life decisions for me.

Ms. Franklin listens to The Creator, tries to remember it all for when she brings the message to us mortals.

“(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone.” NO INTRO. She just starts in. Makes me say the f-word 'cause nothing else in the English language can capture the fucking pure steezy goodness and strangely joyful way she's singing about her man being gone.

(Jerry Wexler, we were supposed to make babies since you are an OG member of my stable of Judaic music industry older-man types with an abundance of music-production wizard skills whom I might seduce with my shiksa allure. Then you left. Now I'm stuck with, like, the Alchemist, Spector and Jimmy Iovine. Thanks.)

“Spirit in the Dark.” People are always trying to convince you that Jesus is real. They come to your door and give you speeches. What they should do is give you a copy of Lady Soul with the church's sermon schedule taped to the front so you'll know when to show up.


3. PLEASE no quotes from “Juicy” when you're eulogizing Mr. Magic in today's post. Thanks in advance.


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