Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Producers causing problems and it is comical, pt. 2

Black Milk accidentally erased all my vocals.

- Sean P., describing the latest in the producer-fucking-up epidemic that's sweeping Planet Rap

MegaSean is a true comedian, right? Like Dangerfield or Carlin or Pryor or Doomsies or Redman or, I don't know, ME. Nothing new there. However, I just learned that the brokest rapper I know (and I know a LOT of broke ones) doesn't mind when the vocals get erased and handles it with good-natured humor, signs on to work with Guilty even though he hasn't heard of him, and will work at Costco to feed his children.

um, attention please, Sean's sort of like my perfect dude - ?

XXL: What’s the status of the Mic Tyson album and the Random Axe project with Guilty Simpson and Black Milk?

Sean Price: The Random Axe project got delayed because Black made his little boo-boo and erased all my vocals. I’m not trying to throw him under the bus ’cause I didn’t even discuss it until he said it in another interview first, but he erased my vocals. I’m actually rewriting all my verses...(and) I started working on Mic Tyson. It’s about 14 songs on that album, ’cause a fight is 12 rounds, plus the intro and outro so that’s what it’s gonna be. (despite hating pugilism, HeightFiveSeven approves of this from a conceptual standpoint)

XXL: How’d you even link up with Guilty and Black in the first place?

SP: I was on tour and some dude called my man Dan Green and asked me did I want to do a song with Guilty Simpson. Me being the rap whore that I am I was like, Sure. Then, I hung up and was like, “Who the fuck is Guilty Simpson?”

XXL: Since you’re growing tired of the politics of the rap game what’s on the horizon for you after these releases?

SP: Next year you might find me workin’ in Costco or some shit. I’m dead ass serious, ’cause I don’t got money like that to retire and fall back on a yacht. People might say, “Yo, man, you supposed to be here and blah blah.” Yeah, I’m supposed to be but guess where I’m at? Costco. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not starvin’ and I’m good, but I don’t give a fuck about pride. My kids can’t eat pride, so as long as I take care of my family I don’t give a fuck.

Easygoing, trusting, self-deprecating, willing to put pride aside to take care of his brood:


Random Axe - “Monster Babies.” Because my head hurt when I started to try to pick 1 song to post, so I went with this one because the melancholy Detroit beat that's about a half-second behind, plus that haaa! that fades away, is a little somber and reminds me of the way that fall makes me miss summer. It's a frigid 63 degrees F this morning in Los Angeles.
(And because grown men in baggy denim trousers with sparkling wit who do simply do not give the slightest fuck about LE boutique tees will never ever die in apt. 302. MANHOOD, Y'ALL.)


PS - “Run.”


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