Friday, October 16, 2009

Cross-genre labels working together for a common goal (in my head).


The fact that these 2 imprints have not coh-lab-oed is an indication that there is some sort of flaw in the universe. Everything tends toward disarray despite my efforts and best-laid plans. Entropy, I think it's called.

Boot Camp Clik and Op Ivy linking for a nice “Watch Out Now” cover, put out jointly by Duck Down and Lookout! Where do I sign? I hate it when people say That's what I'm talkin about but this event occurring at some point would, in fact, be what I'm talkin about.

. . .

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Sebastian said...

In a linguistic's universe, not only would this have already happened, but it would be top of the charts, the theme song to every major program, and my ring tone. And now this is what I'm talking about.