Monday, October 5, 2009

King Tee and the Alkies straight gettin down to business

Hilarious, fond of weed and alcohol and ladies' parts, and smarter than they get credit for, The Alkaholiks are the Beatnuts of the city of Los Angeles*.

Thank you

and good day.

The Ovedue Yet Requisite “Make Room” tribute post on a blog that broadcasts from Los Angeles.

I was gonna say Here we have yet another LA-specific one to put on at your next LA BBQ to make all the dudes of a certain age lose their minds and run to the liquor store for (more) 40s in some Pelle Pelle finery. Then I remembered BBQ season is over. But then I remembered, as luck would have it, I live in LA! The BBQ chicken flows like wine all year round!

“Never had a girlfriend the color of cookin flour”? Please, please think of something this simple and genius in your next verse. Honorable mentions go to that Rick the Ruler moment, the greatest big upping of malt liquor brands ever in Los Angeles rap-ery, and a little Wreckx-n-Effect reference for the old timers.

Fred Wesley & The JB's - “Blow Your Head”


*Me plus the '90s hiphop hour on Power 106 in the Civic plus waiting at a stoplight which gives me time to ponder such things equals this theory.


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Anonymous said...

J-Ro lives in Malmo, Sweden. I think that's worth celebrating.