Friday, October 2, 2009

I look like a woman but I

Jack White continues to delight me and evade my advances while being the steampunk version of Justin the emo* (7th grade English, hollerrrr) who, despite my predictions, grew up and made like 18 kick-ass bands and The Dead Weather is one of them. Turns out I'm not right all the time.

a) Whatthehell is this.
b) Do I want to make love to it? I feel like I do (you know, that special feeling) but I might just be using it to get closer to the bassline.
c) I believe that I do in fact
cut like a buffalo but I'm biased toward myself so how do I know if that's really true?
d) Can you think of 3 reasons I should not have red hair? The covered-faced ladies of sex in this video and Joan Holloway** are conspiring with Clairol to make me give up my precious/awful blonde highlights; would I be tragic as a redhead? Or will it allow me to finally make it to XXL's "Eye Candy" section?
e) Will I ever escape the influence of Warner Music Group? I mean, will I ever make a musical decision out of my own free will ever again?
Fuckin Lyor and his droogs.

Well you know I look like a woman but I
Cut like a buffalo
Stand up like a tower, tall
But I fall
Just like a domino

You can hit me if you want to
Do whatever makes you happy
But don't take it easy on me
'Cause I don't know how to take it

You're a prick with a pin woman

* with a heaping amount of Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd thrown in there. And some Robert Smith in the "Close to Me" video (LUHHHH THIS SONG, you don't understand. That heavy breathing laid over the drums at the beginning, oh lawwwd).



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