Monday, November 23, 2009

Record store gods, why hast ye forsaken me???

Make me wanna holler/The way they do my life! Large Pro and his amazing gray beard prance around my turf, rule the universe, break atoms, all while appearing mortal. Then he probably went to meet G Rap for lunch at Canter's, and later took Nas and his cute new baby to get Live at some BBQ and went to, I don't know, feed zebras at the LA zoo with the Tribe boys, all the while "accidentally" forgetting to call me. Welcome to Screaming and Throwing Things out of Rage Monday in apt. 302.

Gritty sounds
, he says. I like gritty sounds. Even the dollar bins are beautiful. Oh my goodness, that's so weird P, 'cause you know what I like? GRITTY SOUNDS AND THE DOLLAR BINS. And also I like running up and busting out a spontaneous Pablo Neruda love poem in tribute to a '90s production god. Except, see, what had happened was I live like 2 miles from the spot and nobody on my team thought to apprise me of the situation. I'm taking a mental health day from work. This ain't livin. Nah nah baby. This ain't livin.


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