Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Andy Kaufman of this rap shit.

All the kids in my city are crying because Doomsies did that cute thing again on Saturday night where he fake shows up for a real show that people pay real money for. Like that other time. OOPSY.

He never said a verse at the show, just fucked around on a laptop. Stones Throw said it was “obvious that he wasn’t going to show up at a venue that fits only 200 people when his performance fee requires venues about 10 times that size.” UM DUH, said a certain lady blogger who was supposed to go to that show and then realized the venue only fits a small amount of people and it was pretty obvious he wasn't gonna show up.

“Doom's not rapping in LA in the dead of a Saturday night for people who need an explanation of his identity in parentheses*. He doesn’t have tiiiiiime, people,” said the same certain lady blogger, “The man has kids and he's friends with all your favorite MCs. He's building. A day to god is 1,000 years.

She added, “I was gonna pull out the ol' ‘I'd rather have a fake show by a real rapper than a real show by a fake rapper’ line, but then I thought better of it. I don't deal in cliches. That was a close one.”

For the complete experience, I recommend rubbernecking in the Comments section of the HipHopDX story, where some unadulterated e-thuggery and calling-out-ery is occurring. “Major Fail Doom,” says one embittered soldier. OH SNAP. The dude thought Doom was gonna be there for a show that cost 10 bucks because, sure, it could happen (if you's an idiot). Then he walked into a wall and said, “stupid wall!” 'Cause, see, it was the wall's fault.


On to happier topics.
Here you go, the gift of Bassline at 01:44. Basslinebasslinebassline.



danps said...

Jay-Z was a keeper. Good one. I think I'm destined to not like Tickly Feather.

Consider checking out 90210. Also Perro Loco by Forro In The Dark.

I was going to pass along another song but the mp3 expired. Artists: unless you are already famous it makes no sense to force bloggers to take down your songs after a set time. Manufactured scarcity only makes sense after a demand has been created. Duh.

Points Of Ellipsis said...

We should have gone together to stand out front and laugh and point at people leaving wit dried up tears and runny mascara. Mufuckas need to watch Death Race...the roach is never dead.