Monday, November 9, 2009

"Enter the 36 Chambers" is old enough to drive a car.

It arrived in the universe at just the right time, a dirty, dirty, beautiful opus of handsome wordsmith kung fu dorks stating their cases over dirty filthy drums. The combination made my eyes bleed.

I don't know exactly where he is geographically right now, but I'm quite sure at this moment RZA is standing triumphantly on the cusp of a cliff or on top of a large rock, arms outstretched, looking down over all he has wrought.

Wendy René - “After Laughter Comes Tears”



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Micah James said...

how did i forget that we're musical soul mates? rather than waste time finding an answer, i'd rather say that i'm glad i found you again; i won't lose you this time.

re: 36 chambers, i think "i'll never grow old" is my favorite original tune from rza's collection of samples for this album, but wendy rene ain't never did nothing wrong to nobody. thanks for the jam.