Monday, November 16, 2009

My humble prayer to the hip-hop gods. And Jesus.

SF, '93. Lance Dawes photo.

I’m not a terribly religious girl but I do pray for good, goodgood hiphop music.

Some new Souls of Mischief, produced by Prince Paul (!!, !!!!!!, etc), will allegedly be released into the cosmos on 12/01/09. Please oh please let this not be terrible I ask of Jesus when I kneel and pray about this every night.

I'm not expecting another achievement like 93 Til, or any singles on par with “Cab Fare” 'cause that's damn near impossible even with my super high degree of confidence in the Power of the California Emcee. Still, I'm wishing and hoping that this collection of songs does not disappoint; I need confirmation that a tolerable album by aging '90s rappers is not such an elusive thing. Also, in tangentially related news, I just found out that Ron Artest wore #93 when he played for Sacramento in tribute to these dudes! DAMN, RON-RON. Let's go out for coffee sometime and talk about how No Man's Land is underrated. Hella underrated.

In a scenario ripped straight from my daydreams, the boys recorded the album like so:

rented a house across the Golden Gate Bridge, stayed there for like a month, had Prince Paul come out to the house, got rid of all the TVs and distractions, and made music every day. (And then they magically made it 1993 again. And they all said hella, like, hellllla times.) The end.

Uhhhmmmm....I find myself unable to concentrate and complete this post. Go listen to “Cab Fare.” You won't regret it, promise. So many good lines; it's like Oscar Wilde moved to Oakland and started working and smoking with Del -

Payin their green to see what color my house is/Feelin like Del, 'cause they would sleep on my couches.
All the other drivers knew that my car was spectacular/'cause I had a tight, very bright yellow Acura.
Damn I'm glad black men drive them cabs, too.
Plus a nice Rocket Ismail reference (before it was embarrassing to be a Raider fan).

And when you're done with that one: “Spark.”
(Sorry to be so bossy; it's just that I know what's best for you)

PS: just after minute 2.


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